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How It Works

AllDaySlim™ helps tune the mind AND the body for optimum weight loss. By enabling the brain to interpret 'full signals' earlier AND optimizing core fat-burning processes, AllDaySlim turns your body
into an aware, fat burning machine.
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  • Curb Your Appetite, Burn More Fat, Lose More Weight

    AllDaySlim was designed to take an intelligent, “body and mind” approach to weight loss: the mind controls your appetite – allowing for foods you love, just in smaller portions – and the body optimizes its own fat burning abilities – increasing fat burning for energy, and decreasing fat storage.

    No other supplement has taken this full-spectrum approach to weight loss. The science is simple, decreased caloric intake and increased metabolic rate (through the use of AllDaySlim combined with moderate activity) is the basis for improving how your body looks and feels.



    Taking AllDaySlim 30-60 minutes before eating releases the patented Leptisol® formula into the stomach. Leptisol® coats the stomach lining, mimicking fullness while accelerating satiety signals sent to your brain.

    AllDaySlim reduces insulin levels. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels and primarily controls whether fat is stored or metabolized for energy; high amounts of insulin lead to high amounts of fat storage. AllDaySlim tells the body to stop storing fat, and start burning it.

    As you eat, the brain interprets that the stomach is full even though it is digesting less of your favorite food. The resulting satisfaction allows for reduced caloric intake while reducing hunger cravings.

    AllDaySlim lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol, the hormone that is released when we are stressed, can lead to increased appetite and overeating. AllDaySlim helps regulate the body’s urge to binge due to stress.

    As you take AllDaySlim, your stomach trains itself to expect less food yet still trigger ‘full signals’ sent to your brain. Over time the stomach shrinks, naturally decreasing food intake for sustained weight loss.

    The Leptisol® formula with Assam fruit extract helps unleash the body’s ability to burn fat it previously had not been able to metabolize for fuel. This releases visceral (belly) and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat to create steady, AllDay energy reserves.

  • Using Science As The Foundation For Smarter Weight Loss

    Through scores of clinical research, the primary ingredient in AllDaySlim – Assam fruit extract – has been validated as a unique and effective aid for weight loss. Each weight loss property is backed by sound scientific research and has been documented in numerous clinical studies to not only help people lose weight, but to also keep it off beyond the use of the supplement itself.

    AllDaySlim supports a more efficient fat metabolism so that the body is better able to burn fat for fuel. The non-stimulating formulation in turn enhances a variety of health benefits. Those benefits include lowered insulin levels and improved metabolism (for better appetite and energy regulation), and balanced levels of cortisol (a stress hormone released into the body and responsible for belly fat). Take a look at the following 4 graphs. Each specifically shows one major aspect of AllDaySlim’s incredible approach to health and weight loss!

    Reduction Of Visible Fat

    Decreased Fat Storage

    Independent researchers in clinical trials have demonstrated that Assam fruit extract, the active ingredient in AllDaySlim, can reduce both visceral fat (belly fat) and the amount of fat stored directly under the skin. The graph above shows the percentage of both visceral and subcutaneous fat loss after 12 weeks of Assam fruit extract.

    Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels and primarily controls whether fat is stored or metabolized for energy. High insulin levels typically lead to high levels of fat storage. This figure indicates how a high dose of Assam fruit extract keeps insulin levels low and healthy.

    Consistent Energy

    Burning fat for energy is metabolically more difficult for the body then burning sugar for energy. The Leptisol formula helps unleash the body’s ability to burn fat it previously had not been able to metabolize. Fat oxidation essentially means burning fat for fuel; this graph shows how fat oxidation is higher with AllDaySlim.

    Sustained Weight Loss

    Over 60 days, food intake was initially strongly reduced by Assam fruit extract. As food intake returned to normal levels, the graph shows a sustained weight loss advantage. This advantage represents greater lean tissue and a better ability to metabolize fat for energy… hence, a faster metabolism.



    Increases awareness of feeling full from eating less food*
    Eat normally, just less–no more dieting*
    Promotes healthy mood elevation*
    Reduce the stress hormone, Cortisol*
    Gives a “WILL POWER” boost for portion control and healthy habit building*
    Achieve your health and weight loss goals*
    Increases leptin receptor binding which signals satiety*
    Hear your stomach’s “full” signal clearly*
    Doesn’t cross blood-brain barrier; works with your metabolism instead*
    Turn ON fat burning without stimulants*


    Carbohydrates get used as fuel instead of stored as fat*
    No need to drastically cut carbs*
    More sugar converts to fuel*
    More energy for your muscles; get the “CUT” look*
    Boosts metabolism*
    Banish the bulge*
    Promotes healthy, all-day energy levels*
    No more peaks and crashes*
    Designed to produce a feeling of fullness from eating less food*
    Reduce cravings for sugar and snacks*

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    weight loss progress. *Best results seen after 90 days of regular use.