How to Use AllDaySlim ™

What is the best way to take AllDaySlim?

AllDaySlim is upsetting my stomach. What do you suggest?

Why do you recommend taking AllDaySlim with water?

Will AllDaySlim make me dehydrated?

What if I have allergies? Is it safe to take AllDaySlim?

What to Expect

How much weight will I lose on AllDaySlim?

Do I have to change my diet or exercise to lose weight while taking AllDaySlim?

What slimming effects can I expect?

How does AllDaySlim affect my appetite?

What effects on energy can I expect?

Does AllDaySlim help me build muscle?

How does AllDaySlim affect my mood?

Is it normal to taste orange an hour or so after taking AllDaySlim?

Is it safe to take other supplements in conjunction with AllDaySlim?

Will AllDaySlim interfere with my other medications?

Customer Service

Where is AllDaySlim manufactured?

Is it okay if I use a PO box when I place my order?

Can you guys ship AllDaySlim to me outside of the U.S.?

Your terms and conditions are not displayed clearly on the site. Where can I find them?

Where is my shipment? I ordered it over a week ago.

Your system says my shipment has been delivered, but I haven’t received it. Where is it?

What if I put in my wrong name and address in the order form? Can you fix this?

I ordered AllDaySlim, why don’t you have a record of my order in your system?

Why was I emailed twice for two orders when I only ordered one?

Why am I receiving confirmation emails from you when I never ordered your product?

What if I have other questions?

Billing Questions

Can I pay by mail or over the phone?

When are you going to be accepting American Express?

What if my billing address is different from my shipping address?

I forgot to enter a coupon code for shipping discounts. Can you correct this on my current order?

Are you really going to charge me $0.01 for shipping?

How does the risk-free trial work?

If it’s a risk-free trial, why am I paying shipping and handling?

Can I buy AllDaySlim with no auto-ship enrollment?

I was recently charged $64.95 and I have no idea why. What is this charge?

When is the last date I can cancel before the risk-free trial ends?

How do I cancel enrollment to avoid future shipments?

  • Order you risk-free trial
    of AllDaySlim.
  • Take AllDaySlim daily before lunch and dinner. You can still eat the foods you love.
  • Track your monthly
    weight loss progress. *Best results seen after 90 days of regular use.